We enable people and nature to thrive through delightful, innovative and ethical landscape design.

Landscape Architecture & Urban Design.

Based in Scotland.

We are an independent, close-knit studio with a mission to create distinctive and beautiful places for a biodiverse and sustainable future. As advocates for our clients, projects, and the environment, we are passionate innovators who seek new and forward-thinking solutions to provide environmental, social, economic, and cultural benefits. We promote climate adaptation, champion social inclusion, and support responsible growth in the built environment.

Working across scales and sectors in the UK, we deliver green infrastructure and nature-based solutions, civic and public realm works, masterplanning, rural visitor services, landscapes for health and education, and more.

We offer a full range of services from feasibility / concept stage through to overseeing works on site. Our Building with Nature Assessments are backed by award-winning innovation in sustainability and the use of digital technology in Landscape Architecture. Let’s bring your project to life!

Recent Projects

From award-winning blue-green infrastructure masterplanning to supporting inclusive rural tourism, and from climate and biodiversity adaptation to celebrating industrial heritage. For 12 years we have been creating interesting and delightful places for people to live, work and play in, in Scotland and the UK.

We enjoy a lively dialogue with colleagues and clients, through a thoughtful and collaborative approach. The rich, durable and resource efficient landscapes we design evolve over time, delivering long-term value to clients, communities and nature.

Meet our team

Owned by three founding partners: Sheena Raeburn, John Farquhar and Nick Bowen, RaeburnFarquharBowen are a team that want to make our environment a better place. We are a close-knit team working together to foster a supportive, inclusive and positive culture where we can grow through learning, sharing knowledge and experience.

We believe that innovation, openness, and collaboration are the keys to building the environment we want to see.


Nick Bowen

Managing director
  • Ecology and Planting Design
  • Rural tourism
  • Mountain botherer


Sheena Raeburn

Creative director
  • Nurturing creativity
  • Building with Nature
  • Lightweight-lifting enthusiast


John Farquhar

Technical director
  • Urban realm expert
  • Technical detailing
  • I’ll be golfing or at the gig!


Sam Shaw

Senior Landscape Architect
  • People-first design
  • Accessible landscapes
  • Cycling is my passion


Lisa McRavey

Senior Landscape Architect
  • Design for communities
  • Feminist urbanism
  • Brunches, books, and (toddler) bedlam!


Iain Lyon

Senior Landscape Architect
  • Urban design
  • Community rejuvenation
  • I like tattoos and alcohol!


Morgane Chavaneau

Senior Landscape Architect
  • Planting design expert
  • Play(ful landscapes)
  • Fencing (the sport!) and knitting enthusiast


Chris Scott-Kiddie

Landscape Architect
  • Public realm and housing
  • Concept to Completion
  • Music, guitars, food & drink


Niusha Shakour

Junior Landscape Architect
  • Post industrial regeneration
  • GIS specialist / StoryMaps
  • Travel, food and learning languages


Kai Mikkola

Junior Landscape Architect
  • Habitat restoration
  • Sustainable outdoor access
  • I live in a campervan and climb mountains


Rosie Bookless

Junior Landscape Architect
  • Graphics and illustration
  • Places for community
  • Advocate for frolicking in nature


Avril Muir

Studio Manager
  • Office and admin support
  • Financial management
  • I love a morning yoga practice in my garden


RFB Office

Meet our team

Email addresses are (first name) @ raeburnfarquharbowen.com.


Based in Stirling, Scotland, we cultivate a sustainable business which we operate with integrity, fairness and transparency. We are signatories to Landscape Architects Declare, which is part of Construction Declares, a global petition movement uniting all strands of construction and the built environment. It is both a public declaration of our planet’s environmental crises and a commitment to take positive action in response to climate breakdown and biodiversity collapse.

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of corporate responsibility, and are dedicated to creating a positive impact on society and the environment. We take pride in our work.

we enable people and nature to thrive

We have a passion for making wonderful places, and we’d love to hear about your project! Get in touch to let us know how we can help.

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