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Overview of our services

Landscape design services

Let’s work together to create a wonderful space that meets your needs and budget. We offer a full landscape design service from initial site analysis to concept design and through to detailed design and construction information. 

Project management

We can manage your landscape project during the construction phase, including managing the team, reporting and inspecting all workmanship to ensure a high quality finish. 

Landscape stewardship

Looking for a management and maintenance plan to ensure sustainable stewardship of your site in the long term? Get in touch!

Strategies / Action plans

We create strategic and action-oriented documents identifying the challenges and opportunities at your site. These documents serve as a plan for achieving short, medium, and long-term success with your landscape project.

Planning applications

We can be your agent in creating and submitting proposals for planning permission, liaising with the planning authority and closing out conditions.

RaeburnFarquharBowen Team at Campus Central

RFB team at Campus Central, University of Stirling



Landscape Design

We plan, design and oversee the implementation of civic spaces, gardens, parks and visitor facilities as well as health, cultural and learning landscapes.

Let’s work together to create a wonderful space that meets your needs and budget. We offer a full landscape design service from initial site analysis to concept design and through to detailed design and construction information.

Campus Central by RaeburnFarquharBowen

Looking over Campus Central, University of Stirling.



Landscape Masterplanning

Landscape masterplanning is based upon a thorough understanding of place, and it is intended to provide a structured approach to creating a clear and consistent framework for development. Large scale landscape masterplanning at a strategic scale influences decisions on long term land use, informed by a comprehensive review of the landscape.

We take a holistic approach to synthesizing environmental sustainability alongside good placemaking, and apply the following key principles as part of our process:

  • Recognising the importance of identifying, recording, protecting and enhancing the existing natural assets, as a starting point for the design
  • Creating a place that acknowledges the wider landscape and ecological context
  • Optimises multifunctionality
  • Turns constraints into opportunities
  • Recognises the importance of creating human scale spaces


Blue / Green Infrastructure

Blue Green Infrastructure is a defined by the European Commission as a ‘strategically planned network of natural and semi-natural areas with other environmental features designed and managed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem service’.

We aim to use the principles of landscape and ecology planning and design to create a landscape which replicates some of the functions and services provided by grey infrastructure. BGI can greatly enhance an existing site for not only residents, but also deliver solutions to climate change, biodiversity loss and reduce pressure on urban water management, where many cities’ Victorian-built sewage systems are currently under immense pressure, which is expected to worsen as the climate crisis continues.

Our approach includes incorporating more trees, planting, hedges, wetlands, and waterbodies into the landscape to enhance its versatility and climate resilience. By managing rainwater, improving air quality, and providing shade, we create a healthier and more sustainable environment. But BGI should be multi-functional spaces which also prioritise creating connecting paths, playful spaces, areas for sports and food growing, and improving habitats for wildlife to enhance the overall benefits of this approach.

Rural Tourism & Infrastructure

Our team has extensive expertise in designing rural tourism facilities that seamlessly integrate the necessary infrastructure to support sustainable recreation, tourism, and transportation within stunning landscape settings.

Approaching your project with sensitivity, we ensure that the design fits harmoniously within the natural surroundings and creates an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Community Engagement

Our design approach prioritises community engagement by establishing clear strategies and outcomes from the outset.

We often partner with event providers and organisations, such as bike charities, and incorporate food and playful activities to engage with the entire community. These people are the experts of their place, and we ensure that their voices are heard throughout the planning and design process.

We contributed to 15 community consultation events for the masterplan for Meadowbank, Edinburgh.

Community Consultation in Woodside, Glasgow

Community consultation events for the Woodside Making Places project in Glasgow included cycling and of course, snacks and drinks.


Geographic Information Systems

Our innovative approach harnesses the power of GIS to help describe complex spatial planning in an intuitive and interactive way.

Rather than producing a doorstop report to gather dust on your shelf, our work remains a live, searchable and easily updated resource that can help you manage land, evolve complex masterplans and engage with stakeholders and the public.

Niusha working with GIS programmes.

Art in the Landscape

We have worked with many artists and artisans to commission and implement art in the landscape. This has included drystone walling, stone carving, sculptures and structures.

Get in touch to see how we can bring colour and creativity to your project!


Playful Landscapes

Our approach to play is to create beautiful natural settings for adventure and exploration, and for building friendships and confidence.

We create playful spaces for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability. These places exercise our imagination and curiosity, not just our balance and daring. We work with artists and craftsmen to make each play space unique, as well as using trusted suppliers of robust, sustainable and exciting play features.

Children playing in Bertha Park.


Active Travel Planning & Design

We design infrastructure that allows and empowers people to walk, wheel and cycle safely, easily and enjoyably around your site. Our work improves the health and wellbeing of communities and individuals, addresses socio-inequalities, and contributes to a more sustainable planet.

Historic Landscapes

We are here to make sure that new developments integrate and add to the distinctive qualities of your site.

By assessing the features, scale, materials and proportions of design proposals, and with an eye for the preservation and enhancement of character-defining features, we are able to fit contemporary projects sensitively within historic landscapes.

Historic entrance to Dollar Academy.

Biodiversity Action Plans

We provide a comprehensive strategy to conserve and enhance the diversity of habitats, and in turn the diversity of plant and animal species at your site. Introducing additional planting can complement changes in landscape management, providing greater benefits for people and wildlife.

Planting for pollinators at Heriot-Watt University.

Building with Nature Assessments

As accredited Building with Nature Assessors we are here to evaluate your development and demonstrate how exemplar high-quality green infrastructure can be embedded within the design. Integrating nature-based solutions will optimise the benefits for wildlife, water and wellbeing.

Larbert Woods, Winner of the Landscape Institute Building with Nature Award 2020.

Interpretation / Wayfinding

Effective signage, wayfinding and interpretation is important in guiding and informing visitors at your site, as well as promoting understanding and appreciation of the wider area. Our creative and compelling interpretation solutions will delight and inspire visitors for years to come.

Signage for Wanderings and Windings, Inner Forth area.


Landscape Conservation Management Plans

Our Landscape Conservation Management Plans offer a holistic approach to the sustainable management and conservation of natural, cultural, and heritage resources.

We assess the significance of each resource, explore challenges, trends, and opportunities, and develop a comprehensive strategy to ensure the long-term viability and resilience of your site.


Principal Designer

The role of Principal Designer (PD) is to manage the pre-construction phase of your project. For landscape led projects, in this role we are responsible for identifying and assessing potential health and safety risks throughout the design process and ensuring appropriate measures are put in place to avoid, minimise and mitigate these risks.

RFB team working together.

Landscape Clerk of Works

As a Landscape Clerk of Works, we bring a valuable skillset to your project including expertise in construction, health and safety, creative problem-solving and on-site inspection and reporting. We ensure the highest quality outcome for your landscape works.

Construction at Cononish Goldmine.

Landscape & Visual Impact Assessments / Appraisals

With expertise in preparing Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA), we evaluate the potential effects of your development on the landscape and visual environment. We suggest design measures to mitigate and minimise any negative impacts and enhance the positives.

Kai taking photos for LVIA.