Playful Landscapes

Vision for natural play in Leven River Park

Our approach to play is to create beautiful natural settings for adventure and exploration, and for building friendships and confidence.

We create playful spaces for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability.

These places exercise our imagination and curiosity, not just our balance and daring.

We work with artists and craftsmen to make each play space unique, as well as using trusted suppliers of robust, sustainable and exciting play features.

St Fillans by RaeburnFarquharBowen

Woodland slide at St Fillans

St Fillans play area

St Fillans Play Area by RaeburnFarquharBowen

St Fillans play area layout

Natural play at St Fillans

Nursery flexible play area

Climbing play features at Bertha Park

Play features alongside blue-green infrastructure at Bertha Park